An Eighties Team Photo

Phil Hopkins posted this on Facebook. I’m not sure of the year (he thinks ’80 or ’81), or if it’s a first team squad. If anybody has any info, or can name any of the players, leave a comment or drop me a line.


2 Responses to “An Eighties Team Photo”

  1. Sandra Farman Says:

    I recognise Alan Hunter 7th along in the top row, and Ken the physio 12th along at the end of that row.

    I was a huge A’s fan from the mid 70’s. Players in the teams were Brian Jackson, Trevor Harvey, Alan Hunter, Derek Wells, John Webberley, Barry Willson, John Lewis, Bobby Tappin, Ricky Court, Dave Crown, Dicky Sedgwick, Lenny Rayner, Alan Droy, Dean Mooney – who scored on his debut, Derek Townsend….. To name just a few!

    Terry Matthews was one of the Manager’s originally from Tilbury FC – I think, and brought a few players with him when he changed clubs.

    I would stand behind the goal with fellow A’s fans Geoff, Graham and Lynn.

    My Dad was a fan from the 50’s.

    Great memories.

    Sandra – Chelmsford. Formerly of Mersey Road, Walthamstow E17.

  2. Arwel Griffith Says:

    Graham was my mate Graham Hemmings who went on to run the bar after Steve Easter left. Bill Connellan ran the tea bar, sadly he died last year. Back left is Joe Adasand who’s name is on the shirts. The mascot is Jason Clarke my wife’s cousin. Middle front row in the blue top is Johny Harrisson otherwise known as ‘little legs’. Ken the physio’s surname is Davey.

    About all I can remember for the moment except that Graham and I had painted that stand blue a few years earlier!!

    Arwel (Aki)

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