Who were Walthamstow Rangers?

This enamel badge recently sold for the princely sum of £71 on Ebay. Whilst I’ve heard about most of the other old Walthamstow football teams (and hope to do a piece about them one day), I’d never heard of Walthamstow Rangers.

Anyone know anthing about them?

Walthamstow Rangers badge

Walthamstow Rangers badge

9 Responses to “Who were Walthamstow Rangers?”

  1. garry meader Says:

    I played for Walthamstow Rangers from 1971 to 1979 . They were formerly a very strong boys club. But one team went into Suday morning football in the Forest and District league. Starting in Division 6 but goinginto the Premier division within 5 years. We played against Buxton Athletic , 279 Sports , Tate and Lyle , Eton Manor ,Oak Hill United. etc etc.

    If you require any further information please come back to me.

  2. gary tomlin Says:

    Walthamstow Rangers were a Sunday morning football team , pretty much u 12 up to seniors ( u-18) they were certainly around in the 1970’s playing in leagues from Harold Hill to Regents Park run by a couple of guy’s from Leytonstone.

  3. David Hammond Says:

    I played for the senior team on a Saturday afternoons( circa 1967-1970).
    At that time there were a number of sides ranging from the under elevens up to the senior team.
    A guy called Dick Raymond ran the club with the able support of his parents.He lived in Leytonstone and he also played at full back.
    It was very well organised, e.g. a club newsletter was printed on a regular basis. A number of guys who eventually made pro football played for th team as youngsters This included the Morgan twins who played for the Spurs and ? Bond who is now coaching at the Spurs.Others included David Bloomfield the son of the then Leyton Orient Manager, Jimmy Bloomfield. Others then played senior amateur/semi pro football, including Eric Allinson and Reg Eldridge.

  4. Ian Jackson Says:

    I played for the u12`s in 1963 (sat mornings) and on and off until u18`s (Sun morning) in 1969. Agree with all David Hammonds comments. Dick Raymond was one of the most enthousiastic people I ever knew (he visited me in Yorkshire in 1965 and donated a set of team shirts to a boys team I was forming).I have kept a badge as above (but meant to be sown onto a blazer) in the club colours of gold and black. Our home pitch was at Lloyds Park in the early days or at The Gun Site (both in Walthamstow) later. We usually competed for trophies, the best of which was the Andrews Cup Final win 3-2 (after a 2-2) at the Ford Ground in 1969.

  5. Richard Raymond Says:

    I have only recently seen the posts about the old enamel Walthamstow Rangers badge. The previous comments brought back many very good memories of the club and of Gary M, David, Gary T and Ian themselves.

    A website showing old photographs and giving some detail of Rangers teams will be on the internet very shortly. .

  6. Richard Raymond Says:

    There is now a Walthamstow Rangers Football Club web site on Google. The link is http://www.walthamstowrangersfc.com/

    The site contains details of the Club’s history together with photographs from the 1960’s and 70’s and a couple of Guardian reports.

    Richard Raymond

  7. Bernard Green Says:


    is a website detailing the history of The Rangers

    • Gary Robinson Says:

      I run a boys football club in Walthamstow called Celtic Rangers.
      We played Walthamstow Rangers many times, at the gun site,lloyds park,Chingford plains and at St James Park.
      Allways competitive games…

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