‘Soccer Star’ Magazine. April 22, 1961.

‘Soccer Star’ magazine (originally ‘Raich Carter’s Soccer Star’) was a national weekly magazine that ran from 20 September 1952 until 19 June 1970 (936 weekly issues in total).  Here they preview that day’s Amateur Cup final which The Avenue went on to win 2-1.

Soccer Star Vol 9 No 31 April 22 1961 Front Cover

The front cover 'Soccer Star' Magazine. April 22 1961.

Soccer Star Vol 9 No 31 April 22 1961 Page 3

From page 3 of 'Soccer Star' Magazine. April 22 1961.


2 Responses to “‘Soccer Star’ Magazine. April 22, 1961.”

  1. stan fuller Says:

    i can remember a charity match which was supported by coronation street stars…and pat pheonix..elsie tanner kicked off….any information on this game?????..i went to quite a few games..and also played in a band in the supporters club when i was 15 yrs old…THE NET…which was our first booking !!!!

  2. John Austin Says:

    Stan I was talking about this game with my dad today. I was also there if I remember the game was a ‘Showbiz XI’ match, Tommy Steele, Des O’Connor being some of the players I think.
    I remember you also as I played school football for Warwick boys against you. I also remember ‘The Net’ but I have no recollection of what you sounded like!
    Did you go to the Avenues 61 final at Wembley? I went to that also and the semi final at White City which was against Hitchin Town if my memory serves my right.

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