Walthamstow Avenue team photo from 1961

This team photo is taken from the 1961-62 ‘The Topical Times Football Book”‘ annual by D.C. Thomson.

Left to right - back row - Ron Bambridge, Stan Prince, Gary McGuire, Brian Edwards, Terry Keenes. Front row - Brian Harvey, Dave Andrews, Alan Minal, Don Saggers, Jim Lewis, Reg Groves.

Left to right - back row - Ron Bambridge, Stan Prince, Gary McGuire, Brian Edwards, Terry Keenes. Front row - Brian Harvey, Dave Andrews, Alan Minall, Don Saggers, Jim Lewis, Reg Groves.

Click the photo for the large version.


4 Responses to “Walthamstow Avenue team photo from 1961”

  1. Steve Howe Says:

    Really interesting site, brings back memories although I only supported the Avenue from 1985 until they finished.
    Would be interested in knowing who it is that has set this up and whether I know them.
    I do have most programmes from ’85 to the end (I think!).

  2. chris lemay Says:

    Thanks for the memories..I supported the’A’s in the 50s-60s what a great team they had then,used to go to Green Pond Road regular then, I lived in Priors Croft my sisters who were older than me used to go to the social club on saturday nights.
    My dad used to tell me about the A’s going to Old Trafford in about 1952 and drawing 2-2 with them the replay was at Highbury,my dad went but he missed the first 10 minutes cos of the crowds trying to get in he said they were 2 down when he got in and eventually lost 5-2..anybody remember it?
    we were one of the top amateur teams then along with Crook Town, Bishop Aukland and Enfield Town.. I remember sitting round the radio on Monday lunchtimes to hear The F.A Cup draw. We drew Romford one year ,their goalie was Ted Ditchburn ex-england lost 3-1. Would love to hear from people with memories.

    • George Baker Says:

      I remember the excellent Walthamstowe side of the 50-60’s. As a 20 years old I played for Crook Town against them in Feb 1960 when Crook won unconvincingly 2-0 (We played Hayes in the same competition only to lose to Kingstonian in the semi- final at Newcastle. Is Dave Andrews the now Chairman of Dagenham and Redbridge? I thought I heard him being interviewed on BBC some years ago when driving through Sunderland, prior to an FA Cup game against Charlton Athletic and remembered him playing at Crook. From that match Jim Lewis and Crook’s Seamus O’Connel were team mates at Chelsea (as amateurs) winning the Firsdt Division title in 1955.

  3. Neilson Kaufman Says:

    Hi again

    I hope the info on George Gerlui was sufficent.

    I’m hoping you and / or your readers can help me?

    I’m really battling to locate an info on for Orient and Avenue player named George Richard ‘Dickie’ LUCAS. He made ONE FA Cup appearance for the O’s back in 1945-46 season against Newport Isle of Wight.

    Other than that and that he served the Avnenue for a number of years that’s all I have.

    Out of over 1000 O’s players to appear in the first team he was one of as handful that I have no date of birth career record or if still alive.

    So, any help help would be much appreciated

    Many thanks

    Neilson Kaufman
    Historian – Leyton Orient FC
    EMAIL: neilkaufman@tiscali.co.za

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