Pathe footage of Walthamstow Avenue v Oldham Athletic in the 1948/49 F.A. Cup

Walthamstow Avenue 2-2 Oldham Athletic in the 2nd Round Proper of the 1948/49 F.A. Cup at Green Pond Road, 11th December 1948.

Also shows The Avenue/Oldham coming out of the hat in the draw for the next round.

Oldham won the replay 3-1 on December 18th.

Wathamstow Avenue v Oldham Athletic. December 11th 1948.

Wathamstow Avenue v Oldham Athletic. December 11th 1948.


11 Responses to “Pathe footage of Walthamstow Avenue v Oldham Athletic in the 1948/49 F.A. Cup”

  1. Bryn Tomlin Says:

    I think my dad played in this game his name was Freddie Tomlin and he played in the late 1940’s for the avenue as an inside forward. Does anyone remember him playing?

  2. Bryn Tomlin Says:


    I will look at home and see if I can find one
    Thanks for the response



  3. Alf Simmonds Says:

    I have two different photos to those you show.They include the following players not included so far in other team photos.Freddie Tomlin,Jack Jennings,
    Eric Hardy (my late wife`s favourite),Reg Stather,Fred Sturgeon,Bob Stringer,
    Ken Crouch.At the end of 1948-49 season we played a friendly v Hastings Utd
    away.I also have a photo of that occasion,it was a club “Day Out”!!!.
    It includes Officials,Players,relatives and friends.Just over fifty of us including
    eighteen players.I played for the “A”s From 1943 to 1951 playing for Hayes,
    Bromley,Spurs and Watford reserves in between.I had two serious injuries at
    the Avenue,a fractured wrist in my first game and they were the reason for
    a couple the moves.Hope I have not bored you.Please respond.Ta-Ta,Alf.

  4. Mike Says:

    What amazed me about this footage is the sight of one of the Priory Court blocks rising up behind the east goal. I didn’t realise that stuff was that old, it seemed more like a 50s or 60s thing to me.

    • Walt Hamstow-Avenue Says:

      According to

      “The urban district council completed over 520 houses at Hale End, Higham Hill, and Forest Road in 1920–2. (fn. 153) By 1938 1,627 municipal dwellings were built including 176 under slum clearance schemes; this was more than in any other borough in metropolitan Essex. The largest schemes were at Higham Hill and in Forest Road. (fn. 154) To relieve the housing shortage after the Second World War 535 temporary bungalows were provided in 1945–8. (fn. 155) The first permanent scheme, Priory Court, off Countess Road, was begun in 1946 and comprised 414 flats mainly in six-storey blocks. This was a departure from traditional municipal housing, for, with little undeveloped land left, in Walthamstow’s post-war schemes flats and maisonettes predominated. (fn. 156) In 1954 the council began to clear sites for redevelopment in the Prospect Hill area, and near St. James Street station. (fn. 157) Between 1945 and 1964 5,151 new dwellings were built within the borough and a further 645 on Canvey Island and at Billericay. (fn. 158) In 1964–5 large areas of terrace houses built before 1900 in the vicinity of South Grove and off Boundary Road were demolished for redevelopment. (fn. 159) “

  5. Tony Quinlan Says:

    Great site and great to see this old footage.
    I played at the Green Pond Road ground in the mid 70’s in a Forest and District Sunday League Final. I scored two goals in a 4-2 win!

  6. Brenda Martin Says:

    Does anyone have a record of my dad Eddie Martin. 1936. He played in a team at Wembley for Walthamstow. Captain was p. Curwood goalie was either A Wraight or A. Meredith. I have a programme. I would love to see some pics.

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