The Avenue on Tour

1925 saw Walthamstow Avenue undertake a tour of Holland. Information on dates, opponents, players, results etc. would be welcomed.

And if you know of any other tours please let us know.


4 Responses to “The Avenue on Tour”

  1. Rob Says:


    I found this on if it helps.


    Walthamstow FC

    Tour of 1910

    ?-?-1910 Aachen Alemannia Aachen-Walthamstow FC 3-1 L
    26-3-1910 Den Haag HBS Den Haag-Walthamstow FC ?
    27-3-1910 Hengelo Tubantia Hengelo-Walthamstow FC ?
    28-3-1910 Almelo Heracles Almelo-Walthamstow FC ?

    Tour of 1912

    ?-?-1912 Luxembourg Racing Club Luxembourg-Walthamstow FC 1-0 L

    Tour of 1919

    2-4-1919 Arlon Jeunesse Arlonaise-Walthamstow FC 1-0 L

    Tour of 1925

    26-8-1925 Rotterdam SC Feijenoord-Walthamstow FC 8-1 L

  2. Walt Hamstow-Avenue Says:

    Thanks Rob. I’ll add that when I get a moment.

  3. Tony Sadgrove Says:

    My grandfather, Harry, played for WA in the 1920s and one story passed down through the family is that he spent a night in a (we thought) Belgian jail for D&D He died in 1971 so there is no way of checking – but could Belgium have been part of the Holland tour in 1925?

  4. dden51 Says:

    My father Arthur Smith played for WA in the 20’s and poss early 30’s can anyone give me any info regarding him. He once told me he played against Spurs and at half time they were drawing. In the second half I think the Spurs scored at least 10.
    Any info would be gratefully appreciated

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