Green Pond Road in 1987

Contributed by Steveb from the Tony Kempster forum. The main stand on March 30th 1987. The day Walthamstow Avenue lost 4-1 to Carshalton Athletic in front of 132 fans.

The Green Pond Road main stand in 1987

The Green Pond Road main stand in 1987


3 Responses to “Green Pond Road in 1987”

  1. steve Says:

    Brings back a few memories, i was a regular late 70’s early 80’s

  2. Rich Says:

    I remember going to Green Pond Road in the late ’70’s, watching the then Gravesend and Northfleet beat the Avenue in an FA Cup match. After the game I shot off to Faversham (Kent) to meet my girlfiend, now wife. I supported the fleet big style, but I loved my short stay at Green Pond, somehow it summed up what real football is about. Am sad that it is no longer there and these pics make me nostalgic..but life goes on, for better, or worse?

  3. brad Says:

    Remember going to green pond rd to watch southend in a minor cup competition in the 80s and losing 1-0 ,i remember thinking what a big and impressive stadium it was. such a shame its no longer there

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