The ground 1905-1910

The following is taken from which talks about Lloyd Park.

“The park is now named after the newspaper publisher, Edward Lloyd, who lived in Water House from 1857 when Morris moved out. In 1898 his family gave the house and gardens to the Walthamstow Urban District Council, to be used by the public as a recreation ground – providing the council bought some adjoining land to be used as playing fields.(This adjoining land is now Aveling Park which, from 1905 to 1910 was the home pitch for The Walthamstow Avenue Football Club.)”


One Response to “The ground 1905-1910”

  1. Mike Hooper Says:

    As a young boy I lived in Chingford and at one time had the autographs of the team that took Manchester United to a replay. In my youth I had a trial for the team on the same day that they played Maidstone United who had David Sadler in the team. I now live in South Africa and on one of my visits was sorry to experiance the end of the team and the closing of the ground, but I am proud to say that I once played in the light and dark blue hoops.
    I would be pleased to receive any information you may have

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