The Main Stand at Green Pond Road

Green Pond Road Main Stand

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2 Responses to “The Main Stand at Green Pond Road”

  1. Vic Morley Says:

    I remember as a boy being taken to the ground to watch a match by my Uncle “Sid Green” who lived in Winns Avenue almost opposite the ground and I seem to remember that he had some connection with the team management, I was sitting on top of the small white wall around the pitch at the the visitors end when one of the Avenue forwards ran towards the goal took his shot and it hit me full in the face and the next thing I remembered was waking up in the St Johns ambulance hut on a streacher. child cruelty now days I suspect but they were a great team and it was always a good day out.

  2. Margaret Holdsworth Says:

    So pleased to know I wasn’t the only one to be knocked off the wall at ‘The Avenue’. I got hit on the back of the head. We lived in Priory Court and could see most of the playing field from the balcony, but this day I must have accommonpanied my father to the grounds [as we did on numerous occasions].

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