Green Pond Road in 1987

Walthamstow Avenue's Green Pond Road Ground

This picture of the ground was offered for Sale on Belgian Ebay.


3 Responses to “Green Pond Road in 1987”

  1. Jonathan Says:


    I currently live on Green Pond Close and was just told the football ground was here. Actually in the last photo I think my flat is near where the photographer is standing, judging by the flats in the background! Anyway, thanks for this great page that let me learn a bit more about my local history.



  2. Alan Cann Says:

    As an old “stortfordian” an exiled FAn of Bishop’s Stortford FC, I can remember fond (& not so fond) memories of standing on the far terrace. One one occasion I remember, the pitch was covered in puddles following a cloud burst long after the referee had passed the pitch fit and got changed, when he returned to the field, I think ha had no heart to pospone the game then at 2:55! The players of WA & BS splashed around for 90 minutes!

    • Rog Field Says:

      Alan, I am sure I was at that game as well (fellow BSFC fan). That game saw the debut of Barry Silkman, now a well known football agent), I think. Such a shame that we’ve lost so many old grounds like this – including our own.

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